Below is a list of  the Seven Most Common Lane Change Scenarios that account for 88% of all lane change crashes.

  1. Typical Lane ChangeTwo vehicles on parallel paths; one intentionally changes lanes and collides with other vehicle
  2. Turning at a JunctionTwo vehicles on parallel paths; one turns across the path of the other at a roadway junction
  3. DriftingTwo vehicles on parallel paths (both going straight/both turning left/both turning right/both negotiating curve); one drifts into another’s lane with no apparent reason
  4. Turning combined with Passing Two vehicles on parallel paths; one turning at a roadway junction and one passing
  5. PassingTwo vehicles on parallel paths; one moves into the other’s lane to pass the other, or to pass a third vehicle
  6. Leaving Parked PositionOne vehicle leaves parked position and sideswipes/is sideswiped by another vehicle in lane into which the first vehicle is trying to merge
  7. MergingOne vehicle merges into the lane of another from entrance to limited access highway and/or other similar entrance, and sideswipes/is sideswiped by the other vehicle 

In this video clip, Mike shows you a vicious crash and will help convince drivers to get out of the left lane of a multi lane highway unless you are passing.

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