On Episode #3  you’ll  hear from students who observed drivers turning into the wrong lane, changing lanes at the wrong time and a dad who thinks everyone on the road is an idiot.

The DriveSafeRideSafe Team has created this podcast in hopes that we can help parents and students learn from other people’s success or failure on today’s chaotic roads.

The DriveSafeRideSafe courses include enrichment activities that our students need to do with their parents throughout the course. Each enrichment is used to teach students about real life driving situations. Students and parents must perform and send us their observations.

In each episode we choose the best of the student observations to share and learn together. We hope you like it, as we are here to help.

Please email us your thoughts or your own driver observations or stories to drivesaferidesafe@gmail.com . If you are interested in watching the replay podcasts you can go to our website https://drivesaferidesafe.com/podcast/ or watch the video podcast at youtube.com/drivesaferidesafe1.

Until next time, remember to: Drive Safe and Ride Safe!

This is episode #3 of Throwing Your Parents under the bus podcast. Thanks for joining us!

The DriveSafeRideSafe Team



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