The DriveSafeRideSafe Team has created this podcast to help expel the myth that all driver ed courses are the same.

THIS IS NOT A SALES pitch…this is an explanation of why we decided to create a podcast that throws parents under the bus.

Over the years, we have accumulated a pile of observations from students who are boldly and openly throwing their parents under the bus.

Our courses include enrichment activities that our students need to do with their parents throughout the course. Each enrichment is used to teach students about real life driving situations. Students and parents must perform and send us their observations.

Over the 10+ years of doing this we have found that our student observations can help other parents from being thrown under the bus and their teens will become smarter and safer drivers.

Mike is our driving guru and Natasha is the keeper of these enrichment gems and each week we want to share these insights with you through our podcasts. 

Mike will explain how these observations can create a safe place to learn how to become a smarter, safer driver.

We also hope that listeners will interact with us by sending us feedback or their own experiences behind the wheel. We are here to help.

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