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In 2010 DriveSafeRideSafe was born out of the cumulative experience of three very different people that all had a common goal. That goal was to help parents and driver instructors develop smarter drivers which in turn would create safer roads for all of us.

Today, we are proud that our mission continues to grow and improve.  Our Driver Education resources are easy to use, authentic in nature, and engaging.

Our resources have been road tested by veteran crash investigator and driver safety expert, Mike Pehl who has more than 20 years of experience successfully teaching new drivers how to become confident and defensive drivers.

We’ve worked hard to create resources that provide valuable information, and the feedback we get from parents, grandparents & instructors is overwhelmingly positive. That makes us very happy, because we’re absolutely sincere when we say:


“Smarter Drivers, Safer Roads.


That’s our goal.”

Our innovative products and authentic teaching methods, taught by Veteran Accident Investigator and Driver’s Safety Expert Mike Pehl offer parents and educators simple solutions to a difficult problem – BUT make no mistake we also bring you more than just the basics.

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Meet Our Team

Mike Pehl

Mike Pehl

An Innovative Rebel

An Innovative Rebel … with 25 years experience as a crash investigator and professional driving instructor … and a sincere passion to save lives.


An Innovative Rebel

Hi, my name is Mike Pehl.

When I was just a kid in high school, one of my friends was in a terrible, unnecessary car crash. That “accident” left him paralyzed for life.

Seeing my friend’s life changed forever … changed my life forever.

Driving safely was something I took seriously after that. It wasn’t fun and games. I knew it was life and death.

After high school, I started my career as an insurance agent. That meant having conversations with clients who were shocked at the jump in their insurance rates when their kids started to drive.

All I could do was show them the statistical data to explain why it cost so much to ensure their teenage drivers.

But those teen crash rates really bothered me. I knew the statistics weren’t just numbers; they were real people like my paralyzed friend. And I didn’t understand why teenagers couldn’t learn to drive better!

I cared so much about this question that I did my own “field research.” I rode along with local driving teachers to understand how behind-the-wheel lessons were being taught … even though I had no intention of ever becoming an instructor myself.

Then I became an accident investigator.

On-the-scene crash analysis made me even more passionate about the need to drive safely.

I started to see that there were too many collisions that shouldn’t have happened. Too many collisions that wouldn’t have happened … if the drivers had been prepared to make better defensive driving decisions.

I talked passionately about this with everyone I knew, and those conversations changed my career.

A neighbor asked me to teach her son to drive. I said that I wasn’t a driving instructor, but she was determined.

Never underestimate the power of a mom who cares about her kid!

Eventually, I told this mom that if she could round up a few more teenagers, I would teach them what I knew. And when I did start teaching those teens, I realized this was my true calling.

I’ve spent over two decades since, doing everything I can to help teenagers learn to drive skillfully and safely.

Please make it a priority to help your own children learn to drive!

Our DriveSafeRideSafe team has worked hard to share the best information I know. I personally hope it will help your family … while your children are learning to drive … and someday when they have teen drivers of their own.

Sincerely, Mike Pehl

Jayne Ubl

Jayne Ubl

Hockey Mom & TV Producer

Hockey Mom & TV Producer … whose sons both totaled cars within six weeks of each other, and wishes she knew then – what she knows now!


Hockey Mom & TV Producer

Hi, I’m Jayne Ubl, one of the co-founders of DriveSafeRideSafe.

Before I joined forces with Mike and Kelly in our mission to create “Smarter Drivers, Safer Roads,” I was a television producer for HGTV and “Diners, Dives & Drive-Ins.”

Three years ago, I changed lanes. Now, instead of helping you remodel your kitchen or watch Guy Fieri eat great food, I’m hoping to help save lives.

Both of my sons totaled cars within six weeks of each other when they were teenagers. One rolled our Ford Explorer on a dirt road when he took a corner too fast, and the other rear-ended his Ford Focus into someone he was tailgating.

As a parent, I feel lucky. These crashes only cost our family money. (It was more painful for my sons. They couldn’t afford to buy new cars until they were 25 years old because their insurance rates were so high.)

The real lesson was that I took the driver’s training process too lightly.

I was so busy working, running a household, taking my sons to hockey practice and confirmation, to realize the importance of my involvement in their driver’s training. I didn’t know what I didn’t know … until Kelly Cusick told me what she’d learned from a guy named Mike Pehl.

I’ve learned a lot since we started our DriveSafeRideSafe team. (Honestly, it seems impossible not to learn new driving tips anytime you’re around Mike Pehl!)

Most importantly, I understand how crucial the role of a parent is in teaching teenage drivers. This is something I genuinely did not understand when my sons were learning to drive. I’m passionate about helping other moms and dads know it now when their own kids are most vulnerable.

GDL laws and distractions from cell phone technology will change, but these facts will stay the same:

  • — Driving is a physical and mental skill, and both of those only get better with PRACTICE.
  • — Your teen does most of their practice with YOU, the parent. So your skill at managing that practice time is tremendously important.

On the day we had our first meeting together, Mike emphasized those points with unmistakable sincerity. I had never heard that message before. But now you have, and I’m glad to have helped with that!

Make the commitment to helping your son or daughter get lots of driving practice. Don’t take it lightly; do it smartly and make it safe, and find the best resources you can to help your teen. Don’t assume the driver’s ed instructors are doing it all, because they can’t! Mike puts it this way: “I get them for six hours; you get them for life.”

Please “enjoy the adventure” with your own children and take the time to explore our website, because our resources can help you!

Sincerely, Jayne Ubl



If you are looking for an easy, yet thorough online driver ed course you came to the right place. The ultimate outcome of our Driver Ed Courses are to create confident and intuitive drivers with the right knowledge, skillsets and attitude to stay alive on today’s chaotic roads. Students can easily turn this virtual learning experience into real-life driving skills.

Students in Drivers Ed will become safe, skilled, knowledgeable drivers who are engaged in responsible driving practices that will continue as they become life long learners of the driving task. 30-hours of classroom instruction, 6-hours of behind the wheel instruction and 50-hoursf parental supervised driving are required by state law. 


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