About Us
About Drive Safe Ride Safe

In 2010 DriveSafeRideSafe was born out of the cumulative experience of three very different people that all had a common goal. That goal was to help parents and driver instructors develop smarter drivers which in turn would create safer roads for all of us.

Today, we are proud that our mission continues to grow and improve.  Our Driver Education resources are easy to use, authentic in nature, and engaging.

Our resources have been road tested by veteran crash investigator and driver safety expert, Mike Pehl who has more than 20 years of experience successfully teaching new drivers how to become confident and defensive drivers.

We’ve worked hard to create resources that provide valuable information, and the feedback we get from parents, grandparents & instructors is overwhelmingly positive. That makes us very happy, because we’re absolutely sincere when we say:

“Smarter Drivers, Safer Roads.

That’s our goal.”

Sincerely, the DriveSafeRideSafe Team

Meet Our Team
Mike Pehl

An Innovative Rebel … with 25 years experience as a crash investigator and professional driving instructor … and a sincere passion to save lives.

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Jayne Ubl

Hockey Mom & TV Producer … whose sons both totaled cars within six weeks of each other, and wishes she knew then – what she knows now!

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Kelly Cusick

Video Editor & “Compulsive Sharer” … with four sons and enthusiasm to share tragedy-preventing information with the world.

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