Anatomy of a Car Crash (boxed DVD)


This video was created to support Driver Education Instructors efforts to teach their students how to become safer, more intuitive drivers.

Each of the 21 segments in this DVD will add impactful, hard hitting examples of real world situations to show students what they may encounter on the road or when making decisions about the cars they drive or the choices they make behind the wheel.

Veteran Crash Investigator & Driver Training Expert Mike Pehl gets down to the nitty-gritty of real world car crash dynamics in “The Anatomy of a Car Crash.” In a total of 21 separate videos, Pehl explains collisions from both an engineering perspective and the viewpoint of a driver.

Using footage from a crash test facility, dash-cam videos and compelling stories, Pehl provides practical defensive driving strategies and fascinating insights that students can put into action to protect themselves behind the wheel and on the road.

All 21 videos can be played individually, or as one continuous presentation. Total running time is 71 minutes.



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Drivers of all Ages will benefit from the information in these segments-

Just one Scratch- Mike talks about the importance of the messages parents send to their teens about driving

How our Cars are Made to Crash– Mike takes you through a crash test dummy facility and talks about the false sense of security these tests can give you.

T-Bone in A Cross Walk – Mike uses a crash example to show students how to avoid being T-Boned at an intersection

Grandma and the Delivery Truck- Mike uses a story of a fatal crash to help students understand the importance of keeping their wheels straight at an intersection and to anticipate another driver’s moves.

How Lucky Can you Get- Mike uses a video clip of a police officer getting hit by a car, to teach students about the gawker laws.

The Boys who Played Mailbox Golf- Mike tells a hearbreaking story that shows what can happen when a few teens made some bad choices.

The Number One Accident- Mike shows students examples of the number on crash and teaches them how to avoid it.

Casey and the Flat Tire- Mike describes a scenario in which a good samaritan act goes bad and how students don’t have to make this same mistake.

Animals in the Road- Mike shows you what happens when you’re hit by a deer and his philosophy on what to do when you are faced with killing an animal on the road.

Rear-End Collisions- Mike explains how to avoid a rear-end collision

Wrong Way on the Ramp- 81% of all wrong way driving crashes are fatal. Mike teaches students how to survive these fatal encounters.

The Woman with a New Prescription- MIke tells students a story that showcases the danger prescription drugs can be if you’re behind the wheel.

CrossOver Crash in Winter- Mike uses this horrific crash to show another reason why staying out of the left lane except when passing will increase our survival rate on the road.

Crash with a Cop- Mike uses this crash story as a means to teach students to pay attention at all times on the road

Blind Lane Change- Getting hit on the road is never a good thing , in this clip Mike gives students a lesson on why its important to always check your blind spot

A T-Bone Takes Two- Mike dissects a vicious crash to show students how to control a potentially bad situation

Scatter on the Freeway- When the unexpected happens on the road, Mike explains how to maneuver safely through it

In the Blindspot of a Semi- Mike explains how we’re never going to win against a semi and teaches students why its important to manage your space when semi’s are in your path.

Disaster in the Left Lane- Once again, Mike shows why its important to stay out of the left lane unless you are passing.

A Text in Tregedar- Mike uses this crash to drive home the dangers of distracted driving

The Girl who Didn’t know what to do- Mike uses this tragic story to teach students the value of knowing defensive driving maneuvers before they encounter an issue on the road.


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