Extra Student Workbook – OK Deluxe Bundle


For those of you who have already purchased our Standard In-Home Curriculum package but are looking to upgrade to our Deluxe Edition we have a special offer for you.

We have created the Extra Workbook Deluxe Bundle that includes –

  • An extra student workbook ($35 value)
  • The classroom video series ($49 value)
  • Scenes from the Salvage Yard DVD ( $99 value)

This bundle allows you to upgrade your existing curriculum to a Deluxe Version without having to purchase the entire package ( savings of $107.00)

Below you will find detailed descriptions for each of the items contained in this offer.

PLEASE NOTE In order to help us maintain our good standing with the DMV – we can ONLY sell these workbooks to people who have purchased the standard or deluxe curriculum for DriveSafeRideSafe either through our website or at a Homeschool Convention such as MACHE or OCHEC. If you have your invoice number please add it to your purchase info so that we can confirm your workbook order before sending. If you do not have your original invoice #  please email us at info@drivesaferidesafe.comand we’ll look it up for you. Thanks for your understanding. Sincerely, the DriveSafeRideSafe team


  • Student Workbook – This 96 page student workbook is divided into 10 chapters. Each chapter includes a combination of reading assignments, discussions with parents, enrichment activities, videos, 10 quizzes, two practice final exams and Mike Pehls’ words of wisdom at the front of each chapter that will keep your teen stay engaged in the process and help them get a well-rounded driver education experience. Click for sample pages.
  • Our Classroom Video Series –  Includes a total of 79 short lessons from Mike Pehl for driver education students. The lessons are grouped together to match the ten chapters in our PTDE driver education course material. To preview the table of contents brochure for this video series please click here.
  • Scenes from a Salvage Yard –  In this video Mike Pehl examines 16 different wrecked cars during a field trip to a salvage yard. His authentic on-the-scene analysis includes startling information which will stimulate meaningful discussions with your teen about the importance of understanding how to develop skills to avoid a car crash. Few driver education materials include the strategies discussed and demonstrated in such details as the DVD. Click here to view the PDF with chapters.


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