Extra Student Workbook: Minnesota


We realize that home-school parents make a significant commitment to the education of their children, not just in time and effort, but also financially. So we’re glad to offer extra Student Workbooks for just $35.

If you have more than one child, this can lower your costs for driver education significantly!

If you have already purchased our in-home curriculum for one of your children you are eligible to purchase  extra workbooks for subsequent children in your family. When you purchase  the workbook (if it was not at the same time you purchased your initial curriculum) you will be asked for your DSRS code that you received with your curriculum package. If you don't have that # please feel free to email us at info@drivesaferidesafe.com and we will look up the code.

Of course our main priority will always be providing information that can keep your teen safe on the roads, but we're glad if this curriculum can also ease some pressure on your family's budget as well. Click for sample pages. 


In order to help us maintain our good standing with the DMV - we can ONLY sell these workbooks to people who have purchased the standard or deluxe curriculum for DriveSafeRideSafe either through our website or at a Homeschool Convention such as MACHE or OCHEC. If you have your invoice number please add it to your purchase info so that we can confirm your workbook order before sending. If you do not have your original invoice #  please email us at info@drivesaferidesafe.comand we'll look it up for you. Thanks for your understanding.


the DriveSafeRideSafe team


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