I have heard that after the first six months a new driver can be affected by what is called the “Unlearning Curve?” As a Driver Safety expert what does this mean?

An “Unlearning curve”is when a new driver becomes too comfortable behind the wheel and starts to relax the rules of engagement. Some of the Defensive Driving skills or best driving practices fall to the wayside. When this starts to happen to a teen driver the chances of a crash increases rapidly that’s why DriveSafeRideSafe has partnered with a company that can help UNDO the UNLEARNING CURVE SYNDROME.

Our partnership is committed to our goal to create smarter drivers, safer roads. Safety stands firmly at the top of our priority list, not only because we are committed to meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements, but primarily because we all believe it demonstrates the ultimate respect for our students and their parents. Check out this new resource that will help UNDO the UNLEARNING CURVE SYNDROME.  Click here to learn more.



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