Teen Driver Blueprint

Teen Driver Blueprint


Teen Driver Blueprint is a revolutionary new product designed to address the unacceptably high crash statistics of novice drivers. This program includes two parts, each one giving your young driver exactly the guidance they need at exactly the right time.

Part 1 delivers step-by-step training instructions for effective Behind-the-Wheel practice, and practical defensive-driving tips to help your student build their “defensive driving intuition.”

Part 2 kicks into gear when your student gets a license & is driving independently. This is the time when a new driver is MOST vulnerable & most likely to crash! Our new video lessons are delivered every two weeks to your young driver for a period of six months, to help protect them during this time of high risk on the road. These revolutionary spaced-learning video lessons are focused specifically on the “Danger Zones” that the CDC has identified as the primary causes for crashes of young drivers.

Together, the two training courses within Teen Driver Blueprint give your novice driver a proven pathway to develop their skills behind the wheel, and customized reinforcement for those skills when they’re beginning to drive alone & and are most at-risk for crashing.

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Product Description

Teen Driver Blueprint is an innovative new resource designed to help your teenager beat the odds as a new driver on the road. This program has been developed by a team of experts including Veteran Crash Investigator Mike Pehl.

  • For teenagers taking Driver Education, Teen Driver Blueprint is an essential supplement to standard driver education curriculum materials, which often focus mostly on the rules & regulations required to pass a state exam.
  • For young adults learning to drive after the age of 18, Teen Driver Blueprint can be used to create your own “personal curriculum” by first learning the basic rules & regulations in your state’s driver manual & then expanding your defensive driving knowledge & skills significantly with the lessons included in this groundbreaking resource.

Studies show that up to 50% of new drivers will be in a collision in their first year. These are not the kind of crash statistics you want for your own son or daughter!

Teen Driver Blueprint is designed to directly combat the top causes of novice driver collisions, which research by the Center for Disease Control has identified as eight specific “Danger Zones”: Driver Inexperience, Distracted Driving, Driving with Teen Passengers, Driving at Night, Reckless Driving, Impaired Driving, Drowsy Driving & Improper Use of Seat Belts.

Teen Driver Blueprint includes two online video-based courses & an additional bonus.

Part 1 is “Coaching from the Passenger Seat.” This training material is 12 video lessons from Mike Pehl that explain his effective, proven, step-by-step system for Behind the Wheel practice.

Driver Inexperience is the number one Danger Zone for young drivers. The only way to decrease the chances of a collision due to this Danger Zone is to give your new driver as much practice as possible in the learner’s stage so they’re prepared for any situation, road condition or challenge they encounter when they start driving on their own.

Your student’s skills must be built up with the right quantity, quality & sequence of practice. Behind-the-Wheel sessions must also focus on more than physical handling of the car. Developing situational awareness & “defensive driving intuition” is equally important.

The videos in “Coaching from the Passenger Seat” are all engaging & informative, as Mike Pehl personally guides young drivers and their behind-the-wheel coaches through a logical progression of practice in the vehicle. From the first moments in the driver’s seat, all the way to more complex situations like highway merges with limited space, Pehl demonstrates how to build a young driver’s skills safely & effectively. Pehl has used these same techniques with thousands of young student drivers throughout the years, helping them successfully develop the physical & mental skills to become competent, confident, well-trained, defensive drivers.

Stress & confusion in the car do not help a novice driver build their skills. “Coaching from the Passenger Seat” reduces pressure for both people in the vehicle, by giving you step-by-step instructions for your practice sessions, using techniques proven to work with thousands of students and parents. You can watch the videos in this series at your own pace, and replay specific lessons as desired.

Part 2 of Teen Driver Blueprint is a first-of-its-kind post-licensure course called “Danger Zone Training.” This resource is designed to support the needs of your novice driver when they are most vulnerable during the first six months of driving independently.

“Danger Zone Training” delivers ongoing defensive driving training lessons to your student, using the methodology of spaced-learning. During this phase as a new driver, your teen will be sent a new online lesson (2 – 12 minutes long) every two weeks, to build their defensive driving mindset & skills on the road.

Each video in this series deals directly with the Danger Zones identified by the CDC. The lessons feature situation-specific driving tips, real life videos & stories delivered by Mike Pehl, as well as dash-cam footage based lessons with analysis about how to avoid similar crash incidents. All of this material reinforces the defensive driving knowledge gained during the first modules of Teen Driver Blueprint.

The learning technique of watching short bite-sized lessons at regular intervals has proven very effective for retaining information over time. In extensive studies with professional drivers, this type of spaced-learning safety training has shown average collision reductions of 35% in high-risk organizations.

Teen Driver Blueprint is the first resource available with custom-produced safety training for novice drivers, using this proven methodology of spaced-learning.

If training like this helps reduce crash rates of professional drivers, can it help protect your teen driver on the road?

The extra bonus included with Teen Driver Blueprint is one free year of roadside assistance! This benefit adds another layer of peace of mind for new drivers & their loved ones. Getting stranded on the side of the road can happen for many reasons. It is always stressful & also dangerous. We’re delighted to offer this bonus when you purchase Teen Driver Blueprint!



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