Parallel parking is one of the skills that teen drivers and parents worry about a lot. Mike Pehl got this question about the size of the space, from a mom trying to prepare her teenager for the final driver’s license road test.

He shares some other tips about typical mistakes teenagers make when they try to parallel park, in the video below.

A Mom Asks: “We are trying to help our teen with parallel parking for their test. We have a van and it seems so big. Do you know what the exact or nearly exact measurements are for parallel parking?”

Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety Expert Mike Pehl says:

The space is 27 feet from front to back. The back pole is 3 feet off the curb. The outer back pole is 7 feet off the curb and the front pole is 7 feet off the curb.”

Find out what Mike has to say about common mistakes teens make when trying to parallel park, in the video below!

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