What should I do if I witness drunk driving?

Unfortunately, drunk drivers travel our roads every day and every night. The New Year‘s Eve Holiday will be even more dangerous for drivers, possibly one of the worst nights to be on the road. While many of us responsible citizens use designated sober transport, the irresponsible drivers will be endangering our lives and the lives of our friends and family this New Year’s Holiday.

Sadly, It’s not uncommon to witness drunk drivers on the road… weaving in and out of lanes at unreasonable speeds, or worse yet, traveling in the wrong direction on a busy road. You may be left asking yourself— What should I do?

Number one: Stay as far away as possible! Which also means – Do not try to pass the vehicle. Keep yourself safe from any type of collision with the vehicle, stay focused and alert to the driver’s sudden changes in behaviors on the road.

Memorize the license plate number and vehicle details from a safe distance, only if it is safe to do so. Do not jeopardise your own safety while trying to record information. If possible, have a passenger record the information for you. It is most important to keep yourself safe!

If you do have success in recording vehicle’s information, pull over and dial 911. Give the exact location and the direction that the drunk driver is traveling along with the license plate and vehicle description.

Go home! Be at peace, you did your very best in helping keep our roads safe. Finally, let the police do their job!

Thank You from all of us at Drive Safe Ride Safe.
Thank You, to all of you sober drivers in this Happy New Year!

Please visit http://www.madd.org/ if you’d like to help in more ways, donate or volunteer.

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