Sometimes you’ve got to see something, to really understand it.

Take a look at this video demonstration about how to distribute weight properly in a trailer, and you’ll realize how important this safety tip is!

Our friends at U-Haul designed this model to help driver ed students & instructors learn a simple lesson that can prevent a lot of trouble.

The model car is “driving” on an old treadmill belt. The speed & scale mimic a vehicle traveling 50 miles per hour.

When the weight is properly balanced so the trailer’s heaviest load is at the front near the hitch point, the car drives well. It maintains control & traction even when the operator moves it to the right or left of the lane.

What happens when the weight is moved to be heaviest towards the back end of the trailer?

Wow, it’s a whole different story! And NOT one you want to live in real-life.

When the trailer has more weight balanced at the back, even a small attempt to steer the car slightly right or left results in a great amount of instability, followed by “whipping” that is impossible to resolve. Needless to say, this would not look pretty if you were the driver hauling your belongings in the trailer behind the car.

More weight towards the front of the trailer? Good.
More weight at the back of the trailer? You’ve got trouble.

When you rent a trailer from a company like U-Haul, of course you’re given safety instructions. But folks who borrow a trailer from a friend may not know how important proper loading & weight distribution is.

Please share this short video with your friends; it could teach them an important tip and stop them from making a trailer-loading mistake that becomes a real disaster.

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