February puts a lot of attention on the people you love. So we are taking some liberty to use that as a platform for sharing tips about being a more purposeful passenger, especially for those who like to “ride shotgun.”

Valentine’s Vow for those that Ride Shotgun

A” Love Note” from one of our students:

“I am very thankful that I had such an educated driving instructor guiding me. I’ve been nervous to drive my whole life and this course really made the nerves worse, but in a good way. Its the type of scared that motivates me to never get into an accident (to the best of my ability). I really appreciate all the hard work that was put in to making this website exist. Jayne and Mike were very good instructors and I’m very sure to make both of them proud.” Karli G.


5 Surefire Ways To Prevent Your Teen From Crashing

Driving Expert Mike Pehl Reveals His Proven Safety Techniques

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