As parents, your teen getting their license can be a stressful time. What’s even more stressful is allowing your teen to ride in a vehicle with another inexperienced driver or allowing other teens to ride with your inexperienced driver.  

What can you do to make sure everyone in either situation is safe?

Let your teen know they can only ride with drivers who you approve of.  Friends that you know. Friends whose parents also know the importance of driver safety and have had an educational talk with their teen about it. Friends whose parents you have personally talked to and discussed the safety concerns of friends riding in each others cars.

You want to make sure these parents are on the same page with you when it comes to driver safety. These rules are a good starting point: no cell phone usage while in the car, no loud music and absolutely no drinking or drugs.

If you, and the parents of the approved drivers and passengers are on the same page, it will help keep your mind at ease and everyone in the vehicle safe.

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