No matter the color, make or model of your car you need to know about the new traffic law changes in regards to the Move Over Law.

As of August 2023 of this year, drivers need to add postal vehicles, stalled vehicles and disabled vehicles to the list of vehicles drivers are required to move over, if possible, when passing these cars on the road.

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Driving for 49 years and still learned a lot from this course!

“I bought this course (and ALL Mike’s courses) for my son, 17, who has been driving for 6 months and he learned things they didn’t teach in school driver’s Ed, such as how to change the outcome of a crash. Myself, 65, I’ve been driving for 49 years and as I watched the course, I made a list of all the new things I learned and it came to 59 items! We took the course because we couldn’t help but notice all the bad drivers around us. My decision to become a better driver started the day I decided to take responsibility for my driving and not blame it on things like bad weather, bad intersections, and bad drivers.   Now we know how to deal with these and make our daily driving A LOT safer! Thanks Mike and Jayne” Charles Abel ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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