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Can you believe it’s already 2017? The number one New Year’s resolution is always self improvement. So this year while you are working on a better you, why not give your car a little updating! Here is a list of some new, must -have items that are sure to keep your car clean, organized and smelling great!


Let’s start with organization. Sometimes your car can become a catch all for junk. Here is a GREAT back seat organizer for the kids! It has a place for the ipad so they can watch the shows they love, pockets for toys and snacks and the best part is it has Neoprene thermal pockets to keep drinks nice and cold! Luxury Car Back Seat Organizer with Thermo Pockets

For front seat organization, you need these awesome side-pocket organizers. Perfect for storing your phone, loose change and any other items you don’t want to lose in the car. KMMOTORS Ultra Slim Side Pocket Black,Car Seat Side Organizer

Let’s talk about trunk organization. Having items roll around in your trunk while you drive can be super annoying. This is the PERFECT solution to that! It keeps items in place and frees up even more space in your trunk! BackSeat/Trunk Organizer By Lebogner

Clean and Smelling Good!

Who doesn’t love a good smelling car? This is the new must-have item on the market for making your car small great, a portable oil diffuser. It also has a slot for your USB so you can charge your cell phone at the same time.  You can get yours, here.


Here is a fun car hack! Take these reusable silicone cupcake liners and place them in your cup holders. They keep your cup holders clean and it’s easy to clean up any spills or drips! LAVAVIDA Silicone Baking Cups

And last but not least, a garbage can! The floor of your car tends to be the place for junk and trash, here is your solution! This garbage can, can sit on the floor or strap to the back of your seat. Car Garbage Can by Drive Auto Products

Do you have any tips or tricks for car organization? If so, Let us know below!

Cheers to 2017







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