Does the thought of driving scare your teen? If so, they are not alone. A decent percentage of teens are putting off driving until they are 18. While this might not  seem like a terrible thing as you don’t want a nervous teen behind the wheel, it can be cause for concern. Why?

Because once your teen is 18 they don’t need parental permission to get their license. This means they may not get enough behind the wheel practice with an experienced driver. This isn’t ideal and can also be risky.. So what can you do to fix it?

Graduate Driver License Program.

This program is designed to help teens gain driver’s experience slowly and under proper supervision. This way once they are ready to get their unrestricted license at 18, they have a decent amount of knowledge and experience under their belts!

How do you help your teen who has anxiety about driving? Start slow. Let your teen really get comfortable with each step before moving onto the next. If they are nervous to drive on a busy road, keep practicing on back roads until they feel comfortable enough to interact with traffic more.

Let them talk about what makes them nervous. And then you can explain how practicing with an experienced driver and getting comfortable behind the wheel will help a lot.

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