Dear Mike:

We’re still a few years away from driver’s ed, but I’m already worrying about it. Is there anything I can do now to prepare?

– Becky C, Virginia, MN

Hi, Becky!

Absolutely! I wish more parents were thinking ahead like you, because what you do now can make a real difference. The last lesson of our “”Roadworthy”” DVD is called Start Early & Never Stop, and it explains quite a few easy ways that you can start preparing your younger children, long before they’re ready to get a learner’s permit. For example, one of my pet peeves as an instructor is 16 year old kids who don’t know the names of the streets near their home. That’s a very basic thing that can create a lot of confusion in a car full of teens, but it’s very simple for you as a parent to teach your children now.

Mike Pehl
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