Many factors contribute to the degree of risk when you drive. Some are obvious, such as bad weather and poor roads. However, there are five less obvious ways that you can do to reduce your risk on the road.

1- Keep your vehicle in top condition– Make sure your brakes are working properly, your tires are properly inflated and your windows are clean. . The better the condition of your vehicle and the position of your body and your mirrors within the car will give you more control when driving.

2-Anticipate the actions of others– Good drivers, drive defensively. They identify cues to behavior that help them predict how other drivers will act or react. Many drivers often act without thinking or communicating, so you must learn to search for clues.

3-Take steps to protect yourself and others– Wearing your seatbelt can save you and your passengers from death or serious injury. Turning on your low-beam headlights at all times, even during the day reduces risk by increasing the ability of others to see you. Make sure to do a safety check each time you get in your car which includes- seat adjustments. mirror adjustments. and puting on your seatbelt.

4-Drive only when you are in sound physical and mental condition– Check yourself to make sure you feel alert and clearheaded- if you’re overly tired, or thinking about an upcoming test or argument you’ve had it will distract you from giving full attention to your driving.

5-Make a conscious effort to develop your driving skills-Just because you have your license doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop learning. When driving always be thinking about your surroundings and paying attention to the road. The more you take driving seriously, the better driver you will become.

If you have concerns about your driving skills, please check out “Roadworthy- A parent’s guide to teaching teens to drive” This DVD is offered now for both parents with teens AND adults interested in learning and/or improving their driving abilities.

At DriveSafeRideSafe we are working to help create smarter drivers, safer roads and we appreciate your support in this effort.

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