Distracted driving is a big concern for all drivers on the road. But it can be even more risky for an inexperienced teen behind the wheel. Here are some facts about distracted driving and steps you and your teen can take to help avoid them.

There are 3 types of distraction:

Manual: These distractions cause your hand to move away from the wheel. Such as grabbing a phone or getting something out of your purse.

Visual: Visual distractions are something that takes your focus off the road, such as a car crash or a stalled vehicle.

Cognitive: Cognitive distractions are when your mind goes elsewhere other than the road. (Daydreaming).

90% of drivers say they know the dangers of cellphone usage while driving, however, over 75% admit to reading a text or talking on the phone while behind the wheel. Turning your phone on silent or even better, placing it in your purse or glove box can dramatically decrease the urge to grab your phone while driving.

49 states have seatbelt laws, with New Hampshire being the only one who doesn’t.

33 states have primary enforcement laws which means a police officer can pull you over AND give you a ticket for not buckling up.

Case in point, always wear your seatbelt to avoid serious injury in the event of an crash!

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