As a follow up to our story about Nathaniel’s crash on a Dirt Road, Driver Safety Expert, Mike Pehl shows you why DIRT ROADS are dangerous for all sorts of reasons; From the lack of traction, the potential for the road to change character, or the dust, to the potholes that can send your vehicle into a tree, a ditch or a deadly rollover with one bad move. 

Extra caution is required when driving on “country roads” because they are not designed for efficient high-speed travel like urban roadways. 

The following safety hazards are more likely to be found on rural roads: 

  • Lack of signs or accurate maps • Blind curves
  • Narrow width (not sufficient for vehicles to pass safely) 
  • No shoulder or guardrails • Soft surface ( uncompact gravel or dirt)
  • Rough or damaged road surface
  • Obstacles on road (slow-moving vehicles, animals, debris)
  • Unusually steep hills or sharp curves Since help may often be difficult to reach or unavailable in the event of an accident, it is important to exercise caution when driving in remote areas. Never exceed posted speed limits and remember that some circumstances require driving well below the posted speed.

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