Distracted driving is a huge concern for everyone on the roads right now … and especially for parents!

That’s why our DriveSafeRideSafe team created this new Bonus Segment on our Roadworthy DVD.

You can watch it here, because we’re 100% sincere about creating resources that help save lives & prevent tragedies on the road.

Smarter Drivers, Safer Roads. That’s our goal.

Remember, we all share the roads!

Every person who learns to think like a defensive driver, makes driving safer for us all.

Please support our efforts (and increase your own safety), by spreading the word about the resources created by DriveSafeRideSafe.

Sincerely, Mike, Jayne & Kelly

This DVD makes a SIGNIFICANT difference in Behind-The-Wheel practice for teenagers and their parents. The tips shared in this DVD have made the process less stressful and more successful for thousands of teen drivers and their families. Who do you know that “Roadworthy” can help?

We believe that distracted driving is a DEFENSIVE DRIVING issue for everyone on the road. Let us know your thoughts about this perspective. We’d love to hear your opinions & experiences about this growing problem.

If your teen is easily distracted or has a hard time focusing when learning to drive, click here to see how we can help!

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