Roadworthy- A Parent’s Guide to Teach Teens to Drive DVD


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Throughout the years, students trained with this material have far exceeded the average rates for passing the road test on the first try.This video includes 12 essential behind the wheel lessons taught by Veteran Crash Investigator, Mike Pehl. Mike uses his unique perspective and no-nonsense teaching style to walk parents and newly permitted teens through the behind the wheel practice process.  These lessons  provide practical advice and easy to follow demonstrations that will help teens drive safely and parents to sleep soundly.

Even more important, teen drivers who watch this DVD learn essential, life-saving defensive driving concepts which are not taught in most driver’s ed programs. Learning to drive has always been an important task, with significant risk. Today there are additional concerns like cell phones, texting & many distracted drivers on the roads. The tips in “Roadworthy” will give your teen strategic knowledge of how to protect themselves and their passengers, for a lifetime of safe driving. We guarantee our “Roadworthy” DVD will help your teen, regardless of which driver’s ed program they’ve attended.




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