Adult New Driver Bundle – Online Course, Magnet & Book


If you’re an adult interested in getting all the tools you need to become a confident, defensive driver – this is it!

Throughout the years, students trained with this material have far exceeded the average rates for passing the learner’s permit exam and passing the road test on the first try.

The bundle includes our:

  • Online Driver Lessons for Adults course – This course will teach you exactly how to succeed in getting your driver’s license. Driving Lessons for Adults will help you become a skillful, safe, defensive driver.
  • Triple AAA “How to Drive” Beginner’s Manual – This 400 page book will give you more information & illustrations than most of the driver ed manuals available.
  • Student Driver Magnet – The high-contrast, reflective Student Driver Magnet will help other drivers give you extra space around the vehicle when you need it most.

Details of each of the products offered in the Adult New Driver Bundle below.



Driver Lessons for Adults, – The 13 lessons in this course will explain how and where to begin your very first driving lesson, all the next stages of driving practice as your skills increase, and how to know exactly when you’re ready to drive independently and get your license.

If you follow our system, you can become a skillful driver without paying for expensive driving lessons with a certified instructor. 

This training course explains Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety expert, Mike Pehl’s system for teaching novice drivers.  He has used these methods with tens of thousands of students for more than twenty years.

Our training system is designed to help you learn to drive following simple methods that work. Mike’s techniques are easy, safe, successful, and also reduce stress for everyone involved.

Like tens of thousands of my previous students in Minnesota and around the world, you can use my knowledge to become a good driver who knows how to avoid car crashes!

Mike’s mission as a driver educator has always been to save lives, and help us protect each other – because we all share the roads. Today there are far too many badly trained, unsafe, distracted drivers. We want you to be different.

The course will help YOU be a “Smarter, Safer” driver.  Click here to see details of the course lessons.

Triple AAA “How to Drive Book”- Written in clear, concise language for beginning drivers, this book emphasizes the information and processes needed to maneuver safely and communicate effectively with other drivers on the road. This 400 page illustrated book includes much more background information about driving safety than the driver’s ed manuals for most states. Click to see pdf of chapter listings.

Student driver magnet- This Student Driver Magnet is 18″ x 2.5″ total dimension.  Before ordering, please check whether a refrigerator magnet will stick to your car;  some car bodies are now made of fiberglass and magnets will not stick to that surface. See photo of magnet in gallery above.


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