Summer is a great time for your teen to get some behind the wheel practice.  It’s also an ideal time for families to take road trips. So put these two things together and it becomes a benefit for all. You’ll have an extra driver on the road and your teen will get additional behind the wheel experience before getting their license.


But, is it ok for your teen to drive in another state with only a learners permit?


Unfortunately, a lot of states do not allow your teen to drive with their out of state learner’s permit. One of the big reasons for this is due to fact that driving laws vary state by state. So while driving laws are one way in one state, they may be very different in another.

In Wyoming you only have to be 14 to get a learners permit. But in colorado you have to be 15 to get a learners permit. If you go upstate to New York you must be 16 to get a learners permit. So as you can see, driving laws and requirements can vary quite a bit.

So how do you know where your teen can and cannot drive?

You can check the states driver permit requirements online or call their DMV and talk to someone over the phone.

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