9? 12? If you know your car seat safety, you know this is a trick question. Age plays no role in car seat usage. But unfortunately, many parents think it does.

One of the most important jobs as a parent is keeping your child safe in a vehicle. Each year thousands of children are killed in car crashes due to improper use of car seats. Either they are buckled incorrectly (link to “are you making this one big car seat mistake post) they are placed in a booster before they should be, or they aren’t in a booster at all.

The type of seat your child needs depends on many things, with the two most significant factors being size and developmental needs.

This means even if your child is 14, but is not at least 4 feet 9 inches. They should still be in a seat belt positioning booster. It all comes down to how the seat belt fits across your child’s chest and the placement of it.

So before heading out on your summer road trip, make sure your child is in the proper seat!

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