One of the biggest rights of passage as a teenager is getting their license and being able to drive on their own. But, while your teen is celebrating their huge accomplishment, you just might be secretly or not so secretly dreading it. Here are 4 ways to know if your teen is ready and responsible enough to drive.Hopefully, it will help you put your mind at ease!


  1. Always follows rules. If your teen follows the rules at home without complaint, then that is a pretty good indicator they will also follow the rules of the road. Such as no cellphones, always wearing a seatbelt and respecting the speed limit.
  2. Shows good judgement. Your teen should be able to show you they can make good choices in difficult situations. Examples are things like not going to a friends house when their parents aren’t home. They should also be staying out of trouble at school.
  3. Is responsible. Responsible teens do their chores and homework on time and without supervision. They should also be able maintain good grades at school without having to constantly worry about them.
  4. Doesn’t give in to peer pressure. Teens are constantly faced with peer pressure, whether it’s with alcohol or drugs. If your teen is one to normally follow the crowd, they may not be ready to drive on their own.


In the end you are the parent and you make the final call. But if your teen is showing responsibility and maturity they are probably ready to take the next step!


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