Safety is the number one concern for parents when their teen is ready to hit the open road. The good news is parents have more control over our teens behind the wheel safety than we think.

  1. Obey the speed limit. Simple and to the point. Speeding is not only against the law but it can also lead to many other bad situations. Such as crashes, speeding tickets and even having your license suspended or getting your driving privileges taken away.
  2. Turn off the phone. Or place it on silent. 60% of crashes involving teens are caused from some sort of cell phone usage. Make sure your teen knows that this is VERY important. Texts and calls can wait. If your teen must make a call, make sure they know to drive to a safe location such as a parking lot to do so.
  3. Lead by example. YOU are the one teaching your teen how to drive. Even when you are not giving them a lesson, they are watching your driving practices even while being a passenger. Obey the speed limit, put your cell phone down, wear your seatbelt and show your teen what a safe driver looks like.

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