A lot of smart phones have some pretty cool driving features. Such as the “do not disturb while driving app” that the iPhone has.

However, not everyone has an iPhone and the question stands…

 What can you continue to do, to help keep your teen safe on the road?

  1. The “ABC’s of Defensive Driving Summer Refresher Course!” For any parent who worries about their newly licensed teenage driver, this program can justify more peace of mind when you hand over the car keys to your son or daughter. You know that repairing the smallest scratch or dent in a car easily costs more than this training series. Increased insurance rates after an incident, or the potential costs of medical and legal bills after more serious collisions are obviously even more of a concern. To learn more, click here
  2. MOTOsafety Teen Driver GPS Tracker, is a GPS device you can place in your car. Not only will it send you a daily driver report card, but it will monitor speed, harsh breaking, rapid starts AND you will know if your teen has made it to their destination safely. This is a GREAT tool for new drivers!

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