The last step when it comes to your teen getting their license is taking the DMV test. While this can be nerve-wracking for all parties involved, it’s essential to have your teen prepare for this test just like they would for any other test.

While some mistakes are allowed during your teen’s road test at the DMV, they will still have points subtracted from their score if they make them.

Here are 10 of the most common mistakes teens make during their driver’s test. These are important for you to know so you can make sure your teen doesn’t lose points.

  1. Improper lane changing. One of the most significant ways to lose points is to change lanes improperly. While this seems like a simple step, many teens forget to perform every SINGLE step: signal, look in the mirrors, activate the turn signal, look over your shoulder and then change lanes.
  2. Rolling stops. Be sure your teen knows that each time they come to a stop sign they need to come to a complete stop. It helps to count: one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three. They need to also be behind the white stop line.
  3. Distracted driving. A lot of teens will have the radio on during their test. Even if the volume is on low, they can lose points for this.
  4. Lack of steering control. Make sure your teen knows they must always have BOTH hands on the wheel at all times.
  5. Driving too slowly. Be sure your teen knows to pay attention to the speed limit signs during their test. They can lose points for going too slow since slower speeds on a freeway can cause unsafe conditions.
  6. Driving too fast for conditions. Remind them there are times it’s not safe to operate at the speed limit. If there is rain, snow or fog, drivers need to reduce speed.
  7. Improper freeway merging. Not reaching the speed limit by the time you need to merge onto the freeway can also cause unsafe driving conditions.
  8. Following too closely. Be sure to remind your teen to stay several car lengths behind the traffic in front of them. This way there is time to react if they need to stop suddenly.
  9. Braking too hard. Hard braking is acceptable in emergency situations, but hard braking in any other situation can lead to other safety issues.
  10. Not checking mirrors. This is one of the most common mistakes driver license examiners take notice of during a test. Make sure your teen knows always to be checking their mirrors to make sure they know where other vehicles are even if they aren’t changing lanes.

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