Online Course – Insurance Discount Seminar 1

5 Simple Steps to Get Your Insurance Discount!     
  1. Download or print the Quiz for Seminar #1.
  2. Answer the questions while you watch the video.
  3. Email or mail us your Quiz.
  4. Give your insurance agent the Certificate of Completion that we’ll send back to you, along with a copy of your report card so your agent can verify your GPA and driving record.
  5. Get your discount from Allstate!  (Take your next Seminar in 6 months to maximize your savings.)

Get your Quiz for Seminar #1 here:  (pick whichever format is easiest for you)

QUIZ as Microsoft Word document  (1997 – 2004 compatible, file type:  .doc)

Email your completed Quiz to this address:

Or mail your completed Quiz to this address:

DriveSafeRideSafe     c/o Kelly Cusick     7820 Drake Road     Woodbury, MN 55125-1445

How does this work again?

When you send us (by email or mail) your teen’s completed Quiz, we’ll send you back a personalized Certificate of Completion with clear instructions about how to notify your insurance agent. Your insurance agent will be able to apply the special “Young Driver Education” discount to your policy as soon as they receive the Certificate along with a copy of your student’s most recent report card, and verify your teen’s driving record. This should maximize your family’s savings on your teen’s car insurance rate from Allstate Insurance. Your teenager needs to re-certify every six months to maintain the discount; that’s easy to do by simply taking the next Insurance Discount Seminar in the series, and following the same steps of sending us the next completed Quiz and giving your agent a new Certificate of Completion along with a current report card.

THANKS for being concerned about your teen driver’s safety as well as your family’s budget, and for taking advantage of this program to educate and protect newly licensed drivers.

Sincerely, Mike, Jayne & Kelly – DriveSafeRideSafe

Smarter Drivers, Safer Roads. That’s our goal.

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