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This page gives you information about the “Young Driver Education Discount,” which you can offer exclusively to your insured Minnesota teenage drivers.

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What is the “Young Driver Education Discount”?

The “Young Driver Education Discount” is an innovative program exclusively for Minnesota teenage drivers. It provides educational training from veteran crash investigator and former Allstate agent Mike Pehl about topics like Defensive Driving, Road Rage, Seat Belts, Airbags, and more.

For a number of years, this program has quietly been making a difference for young drivers insured by Allstate. Students who attended the in-person seminars with Mike Pehl got training that helped them stay safer on the road as drivers AND as riders.

This valuable program is now updated for ONLINE ACCESS, so you can now offer it to all of your insured Minnesota families with young drivers.


My name is Kelly Cusick. I’m an Allstate customer for more than thirty years, who’s also experienced the joy (!) of adding four adolescent boys to our policy as insured drivers.

My husband and I worried about two things:  the safety of our sons, and the impact of higher premiums on our family’s budget.

You’ve probably had lots of conversations with your clients about these issues, because all parents see alarming newspaper headlines about teen car crashes, and they also see their checkbook. They naturally worry about their child’s safety behind the wheel, and they flinch at the cost of insurance premiums.

Have you ever enjoyed a conversation about these topics? Probably not! I hope the information about this discount program will change that for you.

In addition to being an Allstate mom, I’m part of an organization called DriveSafeRideSafe, founded by Mike Pehl. Mike is a former Allstate agent and crash investigator who developed an innovative program for your insured customers that you may not have been aware of until now.

Have you ever noticed the “Young Driver Education Discount” entry in your dropdown menu? This is a special discount that only Minnesota Allstate agents can access.

UP UNTIL NOW, many agents didn’t know about this program because logistical requirements made it unrealistic for their clients. In the past, teen drivers getting this discount needed to attend a Saturday morning class every six months in the Twin Cities metro area. This was inconvenient for busy families, and basically impossible for any of your clients in outstate Minnesota.

The good news for you and your insureds is that this Allstate program is now available online, which means you can offer it to all your families with young drivers, regardless of where they live in Minnesota.

The essential qualities of this program are still the same:

– Allstate teenagers get special post-licensure training from Mike Pehl about topics like defensive driving, road rage, navigating safely near semi-trucks and trains, seatbelts and airbag safety.

– For some students, this is potentially life-saving information they may not have learned in their driver education classroom.

– Students get a certificate when they finish a class, which they send to their agent along with a copy of their report card, so you can apply the discount to their policy.

– To keep the Young Driver Education Discount, your insured teens get training from Mike about a new topic every six months. This provides them with an “educational booster shot” during the period of time when they are most vulnerable as novice drivers.

If your customers are anything like my husband and myself, this discount program will appeal to them for EXACTLY the same reasons I mentioned at the beginning of this letter.

Are they worried about their finances? The Young Driver Education Discount allows you to help them save money on their policy.

Are they worried about the life and safety of their children? (As an agent familiar with the crash rates of teen drivers, you know they should be!) This discount addresses that concern as well, because the educational content is designed to protect their teen.

Frankly, I believe that’s the real value of this program, which you can be proud of as an Allstate agent. When Allstate made the commitment to offer this discount in collaboration with Mike Pehl, they were far ahead of their time in seeking solutions to the teen driving crisis. This is an innovative, groundbreaking program with real educational merit, that has quietly been making a difference in the lives of Allstate teen drivers for many years now.

Updating the Young Driver Education Discount training for online access not only makes it easy for you to offer to all your Minnesota insured families, it also increases the positive impact of this program for your Allstate teen drivers, and for everyone who shares the roads with those novice drivers.

As a mom who felt that predictable twinge of anxiety when her oldest son started Driver Education, I genuinely believe this program is something every Allstate agent can be proud to talk about with your insured clients, family members and friends.

Your Allstate teen drivers can find the training material for the Young Driver Education Discount at this link:

If you have questions, please feel free to call my personal cell phone at 651-230-4078, or send an email to

I strongly believe in the value of this program, and personally appreciate your help letting more families and teenagers find out how it can help them, too.

Kelly Cusick, with Mike Pehl & Jayne Ubl
“Helping Parents Create Safer Roads, One Teen at a Time”
Smarter Drivers, Safer Roads
That’s our goal.
Insurance Discount Seminar_1_The ABCs of Defensive Driving from DriveSafeRideSafe

Insurance Discount Seminar_1_The ABCs of Defensive Driving from DriveSafeRideSafe

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