The ABC’s of Defensive Driving, Summer Refresher Course!

Summer is almost here and The ABC’s of Defensive Driving Summer Refresher Course can give you peace of mind knowing that your son or daughter is being given very pragmatic, actionable, defensive driving knowledge that most students DO NOT LEARN in traditional driver’s ed programs!

This course will help them stay current and brush up on their defensive driving skills for a summer season of driving! In the years since this program was launched, it has been proven effective in reducing the crash rates for participating teen drivers.

For just $30 and an hour of your teen’s time this course is well worth your time and money.  We all know that repairing the smallest scratch or dent in a car easily costs hundreds of dollars and can increase insurance rates  dramatically. In addition, the potential costs of medical and legal bills after more serious collisions are obviously even more of a concern.

For any parent who wants to give their teen a “booster ” shot to help them with the “unlearning” curve that comes about six months to a year after getting a license this refresher course is just the ticket. Not only will it help your teen drive more safely this summer,  it might even help parents sleep more soundly this summer too.

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