New Driver Training – Module 3



The material found in this module is universally important to all drivers.

Perfect “booster” for new drivers that want additional confidence when driving on today’s roads.

Excellent assist for young adults who have put off learning to drive and want to better understand the climate in today’s traffic.

Great refresher course for experienced drivers that want to learn how to handle the risks involved when driving in volatile situations.

This module will help all drivers become smarter and safer on today’s roads as it includes critical information on how to handle road rage.

Road Rage

Eye-opening real life anecdotes and videos from today’s roads and highways 

This Road Rage Driver Training module explains why It’s not enough to just be a good driver on the roads today. You’ve got to be able to protect yourself from not just distracted and impaired drivers, but also those who lose emotional control and experience road rage. 

Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety Instructor, Mike Pehl delivers insights on how to handle yourself on the roads as he de-constructs  real life anecdotes and videos from today’s roads and highways as a means to help drivers develop intuitive ways to escape dangerous drivers.

Once you buy this Driver Training Module you will automatically receive a link to the Road Rage Driver Training Module via email.

P.S -We also understand that parents with teens are busy or they may want their new driver to review the material every few months during the first year of licensing since that is a time when many new drivers experience the “unlearning curve”. Because of this we offer access to our modules for an entire year starting on the date of your purchase.  


New Driver Training – Module 3
Protect Yourself from Other Drivers – Road Rage


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