Standard Minnesota In-Home Driver Ed Curriculum


Welcome to the adventure of teaching Driver Education.
It’s an interesting challenge, especially when you are teaching adolescents.

My name is Mike Pehl and I have been a Crash Investigator and Minnesota Driver Safety Expert for more than 25 years with a proven method of teaching teens to be smarter, safer drivers.

As a Minnesota Driver Safety Expert I created this Driver Ed Classroom Course specifically for Minnesota Homeschool families.


Are you interested in taking control of how well your son or daughter prepares for driving on today’s roads?

This course offers fresh material based on my unique perspective as a Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety Expert.


I am committed to meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements when it comes to driving because I believe it demonstrates the ultimate respect for students and parents.

I believe its possible for teenagers to become competent, well-trained, safe drivers. While this course will help your teen pass the test the first time out, the video that is included in this course will also help you teach your teen best practice driving methods that I use personally with my students.

This course is divided into 10 lessons that in total make up the required 30 hours of work needed to adhere to Minnesota’s Driver Ed regulations.

This course includes-

  • Enrichment activities that help your teen develop their critical thinking skills
  • Reading materials that will give your teen solid ground rules every beginning driver needs
  • 10 quizzes and 2 final practice exams to prepare your teen to pass their permit test on the first try
  • A behind the wheel training video that provides parents with the tools they need to teach the 12 best practice driving methods to their teen.

For more details on the specific items within the course see below.

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The course includes-

  • Parent Guidebook – This 100 page book is divided into ten chapters. In each chapter you will find an introduction from Mike that will help you understand how teach each lesson like a pro and help your student enjoy a well-rounded driver education. There is also a detailed outline for each chapter that mirrors how Mike teaches the course in his own classroom. The guidebook includes a variety of critical thinking questions and enrichment activities that will build your teen’s confidence and defensive driving skills. We give you all the answers to the 10 worksheets. 10 quizzes and two practice final exams to make it easy for you to correct your teens work and see how they are progressing throughout the course. Click for sample pages.
  • Student Workbook – This 96 page student workbook is divided into 10 chapters. Each chapter includes a combination of reading assignments, discussions with parents, enrichment activities, videos, 10 quizzes, two practice final exams and Mike Pehls’ words of wisdom at the front of each chapter that will keep your teen stay engaged in the process and help them get a well-rounded driver education experience. Click for sample pages.
  • Roadworthy “A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Teens to Drive” DVD – This video includes 12 essential behind the wheel lessons taught by Veteran Crash Investigator, Mike Pehl. Mike uses his unique perspective and no-nonsense teaching style to walk parents and newly permitted teens through the behind the wheel practice process.  These lessons provide practical advice and easy to follow demonstrations that will help teens drive safely and parents to sleep soundly. Click here to view PDF file with detailed chapter descriptions. 
  • Triple AAA Book – How to Drive – This 400 page illustrated book includes much more background information about driving safety than the driver’s ed manuals for most states. Written in clear, concise language for beginning drivers, this book emphasizes the information and processes needed to maneuver safely and communicate effectively with other drivers on the road.
  • Minnesota Driver ManualWe offer the printed version of the Minnesota Driver Manual. This manual provides a summary of state laws, rules and techniques to follow in order to drive safely and legally in Minnesota. 

This item also includes FREE SHIPPING on all the printed materials we will send you.


Minnesota law approves home school parents to teach the classroom portion of driver education to students under the age of 18 when the student is receiving full-time instruction in a home school, within the meaning of Minnesota Statutes 120A.22 and 120A.24, the student is working toward a home-school diploma and the student is using driver training classroom materials approved by the commissioner of Public Safety.

To provide the classroom portion of driver education, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your son or daughter must be at least 14 years of age.
  2. You must comply with the Minnesota rules governing classroom instruction. Attached are a summary of these rules and a list of pre-approved textbooks and other resources that you may use. If you wish to use classroom materials other than those on the list, you must contact this office for approval.
  3. When your child has completed the required 30 hours of classroom instruction, you may go to our website and complete the Home School Driver’s Education Affidavit, print the completed affidavit, and mail or fax it to the Office of Driver Education. The affidavit may be found at
  1. Upon receipt of your completed affidavit, this office will send a proof-of-classroom completion document to you. You must present this document to the behind-the-wheel instruction provider to obtain a Certificate of Enrollment (blue card) for your student. Bring the blue card, along with a primary and a secondary form of identification, when you go to the state examining station for the knowledge test. Your child must be at least 15 years of age to take the knowledge test. Please refer to the Minnesota Driver’s Manual for acceptable forms of identification. After your child has passed the knowledge test, he or she may apply for an instruction permit.
  2. In order to take the road test your child must:
    1. Be at least 16 years old and have his or her original instruction permit or plastic instruction permit in possession.
    2. Have completed driver’s education and have the white course completion card.
    3. Have held an instruction permit for at least six months with no convictions for moving violations or alcohol/controlled substance violations.
    4. Present a supervised driving log verifying that they have driven under the supervision of a licensed driver at least 21 years of age, for not less than 50 hours, at least 15 of which were at night; or if a parent/guardian completes the parent class and submits a certificate of completion to the driver exam staff at the time of the road test, 40 hours, 15 of which were at night.
    5. The parent, court appointed guardian, county appointed foster parent or director of the transitional living program in which the child resides must approve the driver’s license application.

3 reviews for Standard Minnesota In-Home Driver Ed Curriculum

  1. Diane (daughter)

    Thank you so much. We are so pleased with the program. We’ve been telling everyone we know about the great job you do and the passion you contribute while doing it. It is amazing to see the difference we notice in driving habits from our younger driver — she is so much more attentive both when driving and riding then out other children who were not a part of your program. Wish we would have known about you sooner…

  2. Diana J (Tulsa, Ok.)

    An EXCELLENT Course! I especially approve of the common sense, step-by-step instructions presented in such a calm manner!! I highly recommend for parents who are planning to teach their teens to drive.

  3. Jean H. – Homeschool Parent- St. Paul, MN.

    Our son is homeschooled because he has a hard time with traditional learning. We were worried about him passing his driver test, but then we found Mike Pehl’s DriveSafeRideSafe Course. Our son worked hard and enjoyed “learning from Mike”. He passed his test the first time with 100%. We were so proud and so thankful to have this curriculum. Thanks to the DriveSafeRideSafe folks!

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