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“Scenes from the Salvage Yard” is a resource for professional Driver Education teachers to access in their classrooms.

Veteran crash investigator Mike Pehl analyzes 16 different wrecked cars during a field trip to a salvage yard with a group of driver’s ed students. The material in this DVD is startling and will stimulate meaningful classroom discussions. Play all 16 segments as a continuous 23-minute video, or use individual segments to complement your own instruction!

For a preview of the video and detailed descriptions of each segment see below.

Instead of purchasing a physical DVD, choosing this option will allow you to stream this training material.

16 segments total.
23 minutes of educational content that will startle, fascinate & educate your students, regardless of their age.

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This resource is for professional Driver Education teachers to access in their classrooms.
Instead of purchasing a physical DVD, you can choose this option to stream the material in “Scenes from the Salvage Yard”.

Your students will find the videos in this professional classroom resource absolutely fascinating.

The material in “Scenes from the Salvage Yard” will capture the attention of your students, and stimulate meaningful classroom discussions.

You can play each of the 16 segments separately, or choose to play all videos as a continuous 23 minutes of material.

Click here to view the PDF with chapters.

Segments included in “Scenes from the Salvage Yard” are:

  • Introduction from Mike Pehl, with comments about how novice drivers must “learn from driving” and get lots of Behind-the-Wheel practice time with their parents.
  • Junk in the Trunk
  • Picture-Perfect
  • Just a Little Tiny T-Bone
  • Two Feet and a Seatbelt
  • Nose in the Windshield
  • Cut in Half by a 2 1/2″ Strap
  • Your Windshield is Your Roll Bar
  • Six Inches & a Telephone Pole
  • A Thousand Splinters of Glass
  • Car Fire
  • Foot-Knee-Hip
  • Multi-Million Dollar Claim
  • You Won’t Need an Ambulance
  • The Innocent Driver Dies
  • Broken Metal


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