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When you buy this set of  6 Online Driver Training modules you will automatically receive a link to the Set of 6 Online Modules via email.


Module 1-ABC’S OF DEFENSIVE DRIVING- Proven Defensive Driving Skills Based on Crash Investigation Research.

The insights found in this module have been proven to reduce the crash rate among new drivers. Based on his unique career history as an insurance agent, field researcher, crash-investigator, classroom educator and licensed Behind-the-Wheel instructor, Mike Pehl explains how young drivers (and riders) can reduce their odds of being involved in a car crash.

Module 2- SAFETY SECRETS OF NEW TECHNOLOGY- In this Driver training Module your teen will increase their knowledge and learn about the safety secrets of New Car Technology. 

Engineers and car manufacturers have developed incredible new ways for us to be safer in our vehicles. Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety Expert, Mike Pehl gives you his take on the new car technology. What you will learn in this presentation about these features will help you and your passengers drive, ride and survive on the roads. 

Module 3 ROAD RAGE- In this Driver Training Module your teen will learn how to protect themselves from other drivers.

This Road Rage Driver Training module explains why It’s not enough to just be a good driver on the roads today. You’ve got to be able to protect yourself from not just distracted and impaired drivers, but also those who lose emotional control and experience road rage.

Module 4 UNDERSTANDING BIG TRUCKS & TRAINS -In this Driver Training Module your Teen will learn how to drive with the big dogs.

Mike gives you unique insights on how to maneuver around big trucks and asses train track for safety before crossing. A semi truck weighs about 80,000 pounds. Your car weighs about 2,000 pounds. This means those of us in cars are the underdogs.  In this module Mike Pehl teaches drivers what can happen when  driving on freeways with big trucks and how to avoid a disaster. In addition, Mike talks about the dangers of train tracks and what to look for as you approach them.  Mike’s goal in this module is to drive home the message that every driver on the road needs to realize they’re a minnow swimming with the sharks.

Module 5- A VIRTUAL TRIP TO THE SALVAGE YARD – In this Driver Training Module your teen will study the Anatomy of a Car Crash.

“Scenes from the Salvage Yard” documents Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety Expert Mike Pehl as he takes a group of Driver Ed Students to a Salvage Yard to dissect what happened to the people in the crashed cars and what they could have done to avoid that particular crash. The material in this module is startling and will give your teen driver insights on how to think like a defensive driver.

Module 6 AIRBAGS & SEATBELTS  This Driver Training Module will help your teen understand the designs and Dangers inside your car.

In this Driver Training Module, Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety Expert, Mike Pehl demonstrates the power of air bags and seat belts.Mike focuses on important safety information and startling facts about safety features in our cars. There are LIVE” demonstrations that showcase the damage these safety features can do to you and your passengers if you are unaware. This essential safety technology is designed to protect us, but if we’re not educated about how these devices work, we can set ourselves up for injuries that should not happen.

Mike Pehl shows … and tells … about how to handle the pillows and rocket fuel in our cars. You’re gonna wanna watch this!

When you buy this set of  6 Online Driver Training modules you will automatically receive a link to the Set of 6 Online Modules via email.

P.S -We also understand that parents with teens are busy or they may want their new driver to review the material every few months during the first year of licensing since that is a time when many new drivers experience the “unlearning curve”. Because of this we offer access to our modules for 1 year starting on the date of your purchase.  

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