Insurance Discount Seminar 3 – Road Rage


Do you want to save up to 30% on your teenage driver’s Insurance?

This one hour online course “Road Rage” is Discount Seminar #3  as part of the special Young Driver Education Discount program offered to teenagers .

This seminar explains why It’s not enough to just be a good driver on the roads today. You’ve got to be able to protect yourself from not just distracted and impaired drivers, but also those who lose emotional control and experience road rage. This Seminar is filled with eye-opening, real life anecdotes and videos from today’s roads and highways.

When your teenager completes this course, they get a personalized Certificate of Completion to confirm they’ve learned practical  tips on how to protect themselves against Road Rage.

Your agent can then apply this discount to your car insurance policy, giving you significant savings on your Insurance premiums.

ANY young driver will benefit from this educational series, but to get your car insurance discount, your teenager also must meet these requirements:
– 16 – 19 years old
– a “B” average in school
– no tickets or accidents on teen’s driving record
– must enroll in the next Insurance Discount Seminar online training session every six months


Want your teen driver to get a discount from a DIFFERENT insurance company?
Please email us with contact information for your insurance agent, plus your name and phone number. Send your email to: We’ll get in touch with your agent and see if they can approve a discount for your family.



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It’s not enough to be a good driver on the roads today. You’ve got to be able to protect yourself from not just distracted and impaired drivers, but also those who lose emotional control and experience road rage. This Seminar is filled with eye-opening, real life anecdotes and videos from today’s roads and highways.

How does it work?

When you purchase Insurance Discount Seminar #3, we will immediately send you online access information, so your son or daughter can watch Mike Pehl’s presentation about “Road Rage”.

When you send us (by email)your teen’s completed Quiz, we will send you back a personalized Certificate of Completion with clear instructions about how to notify your insurance agent. Your insurance agent will be able to apply the special “Young Driver Education” discount to your policy as soon as they receive the Certificate with a copy of your student’s most recent report card, and verify your teen’s driving record.

We will also send you a reminder by email, so that your teenager can maintain eligibility by taking the next Insurance Discount Seminar within six months to continue the savings in premiums for your family.

There are a total of six Insurance Discount Seminars. Each one teaches essential defensive driving information to help your young driver succeed and thrive on the roads.

Thousands of teen drivers have participated in this innovative program originally developed by Mike Pehl in collaboration with Allstate Insurance. When your newly licensed teenage driver qualifies and completes this course, your entire family gets these benefits:

– Special “Young Driver Education” rate maximizes your insurance discount.

– Your newly licensed driver gets increased defensive driving knowledge, to help protect them from “the other guy” on the road.

– Reduced odds of property damage, injury or fatality caused by your teen.

The logic for the Young Driver Education insurance discount is simple.

Teen drivers are most likely to crash a car during the first two years after getting a driver’s license. Their knowledge and skills are still developing in that time frame, even though they are already driving independently. Giving these young drivers a “booster shot” of defensive driver training during this period of vulnerability improves their performance behind the wheel, which allows Allstate to reduce premium costs for these teens.

Does your family qualify for this discount?

Currently the insurance discount benefit from this online program is available only to Minnesota families with a young driver covered by Allstate insurance. Please contact us if your insurance company is NOT Allstate and we’ll introduce them to this program. 

Just send an email to

How big is the insurance discount?

This program allows Minnesota teens to get the maximum discount available from Allstate Insurance. The savings to your family can be as much as 30%. If your teen continues to qualify, that discount can continue through the age of 21 or 25. Since this course takes just about an hour to complete, Mike explains this is “almost like getting paid hundreds of dollars per hour”  for your teen.

What matters most: the discount, or the defensive driving strategies that your student will learn from Mike?

Not every parent will answer this question the same way.

This Seminar WILL save your family money by reducing your car insurance costs. Insurance premium prices for teenage drivers are a real pain point for many families, and this program can help your family’s budget.

This Seminar series can also give you peace of mind, knowing that your son or daughter is being given very pragmatic, actionable, defensive driving knowledge that most students DO NOT LEARN in traditional driver’s ed programs!

In the years since this program was launched, it has been proven effective in reducing the crash rates for participating teen drivers. That’s the true goal that inspired Mike Pehl to create this program in collaboration with Allstate Insurance.

For any parent who worries about their newly licensed teenage driver, this program can justify more peace of mind when you hand over the car keys to your son or daughter. You know that repairing the smallest scratch or dent in a car easily costs more than this training series. Increased insurance rates after an incident, or the potential costs of medical and legal bills after more serious collisions are obviously even more of a concern.




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