Deluxe Edition of Oklahoma Parent Taught Driver Ed Course


Our Deluxe Edition offers the most comprehensive and effective Parent Taught Driver Ed Course approved by the state of Oklahoma.

If you want to ensure that your teen is armed with the best defensive driver training and critical aptitude skills the Deluxe Edition is the course for you.

The Deluxe Edition includes all the state required lessons and so much more! The Deluxe Edition offers an additional 125 minutes of one on one driving instruction from Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety Expert, Mike Pehl. Mike’s unique perspective and compelling storytelling is woven throughout the course and is specifically designed to help your teen understand the importance of always using their best practice driving skills.

The Deluxe Edition also offers engaging insights from Mike as he takes your teen on a virtual tour of a Salvage Yard as well.  In this portion of the course, Mike will dissect 16 different crashed cars. These video segments will help your teen better understand the “anatomy of a car crash”, which in turn will teach them how to become better defensive drivers.

This course includes-

  • A video series that enables Mike Pehl to help train your teen every step of the way
  • Enrichment activities that help your teen develop their critical thinking skills
  • Reading materials that will give your teen solid ground rules every beginning driver needs
  • 10 quizzes and 2 final practice exams to prepare your teen to pass their permit test on the first try
  • A behind the wheel training video that provides parents with the tools they need to teach the 12 best practice driving methods to their teen.
  • A Salvage Yard video series  that will take you and your teen on a virtual field trip to a salvage yard where Mike dissects and reconstructs 16 different crashed cars.
  • An introduction from Veteran Crash Investigator, Mike Pehl, at the top of every Chapter that will give your student an overview of what they will learn  and why what they are learning is so important and HOW to use the lessons to become a more intuitive driver.

This course will give your teen the tools they need to become a mature and competent driver. For more details on the specific items within the course see below.

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The course includes-

  • Parent Guidebook – This 100 page book is divided into ten chapters. In each chapter you will find an introduction from Mike that will help you understand how teach each lesson like a pro and help your student enjoy a well-rounded driver education. There is also a detailed outline for each chapter that mirrors how Mike teaches the course in his own classroom. The guidebook includes a variety of critical thinking questions and enrichment activities that will build your teen’s confidence and defensive driving skills. We give you all the answers to the 10 worksheets. 10 quizzes and two practice final exams to make it easy for you to correct your teens work and see how they are progressing throughout the course. Click for sample pages.
  • Student Workbook – This 96 page student workbook is divided into 10 chapters. Each chapter includes a combination of reading assignments, discussions with parents, enrichment activities, videos, 10 quizzes, two practice final exams and Mike Pehls’ words of wisdom at the front of each chapter that will keep your teen stay engaged in the process and help them get a well-rounded driver education experience. Click for sample pages.
  • Our Classroom Video Series –  Includes a total of 79 short lessons from Mike Pehl for driver education students. The lessons are grouped together to match the ten chapters in our PTDE driver education course material. To preview the table of contents brochure for this video series please click here.
  • Roadworthy “A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Teens to Drive” DVD – This video includes 12 essential behind the wheel lessons taught by Veteran Crash Investigator, Mike Pehl. Mike uses his unique perspective and no-nonsense teaching style to walk parents and newly permitted teens through the behind the wheel practice process.  These lessons provide practical advice and easy to follow demonstrations that will help teens drive safely and parents to sleep soundly. Click here to view PDF file with detailed chapter descriptions. 
  • Scenes from a Salvage Yard –  In this video Mike Pehl examines 16 different wrecked cars during a field trip to a salvage yard. His authentic on-the-scene analysis includes startling information which will stimulate meaningful discussions with your teen about the importance of understanding how to develop skills to avoid a car crash. Few driver education materials include the strategies discussed and demonstrated in such detail as these video examples. Click here to view the PDF with chapters.
  • All of the Deluxe Curriculum videos have been customized on an online platform for ease of use. Instead of dealing with three different DVD’s that you must shuffle through for each of the Chapters, our new online  access version has coordinated the videos for each Chapter in an easy to use, unlimited access platform. Once you purchase your curriculum you will receive an email with a passcode to easily access the videos.
  • Triple AAA Book – How to Drive – This 400 page illustrated book includes much more background information about driving safety than the driver’s ed manuals for most states. Written in clear, concise language for beginning drivers, this book emphasizes the information and processes needed to maneuver safely and communicate effectively with other drivers on the road.
  • OK Driver Manual.


Parents must visit the OK DPS website and get the Parent Taught Driver Education booklet. This booklet needs to be obtained and an affidavit submitted and accepted before a student takes any behind-the-wheel training. There are four ways to get the packet:

In writing to:
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Driver License Examining Division
PO Box 11415
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0415

By phone: 405-425-2300

By email:

Download here:

A Parent-Taught Driver Education Affidavit must be completed and submitted to the DPS. Once the DPS receives it, the department must accept the affidavit and return an accepted copy back to you before a student is allowed to start behind-the-wheel training. The affidavit can be found in the Parent-Taught Driver Education booklet or can be filled out online at-


3 reviews for Deluxe Edition of Oklahoma Parent Taught Driver Ed Course

Diane (daughter)

    Thank you so much. We are so pleased with the program. We’ve been telling everyone we know about the great job you do and the passion you contribute while doing it. It is amazing to see the difference we notice in driving habits from our younger driver — she is so much more attentive both when driving and riding then our other children who were not a part of your program. Wish we would have known about you sooner…

  2. Colleen- Homeschool Parent, Duluth, MN

    I purchased and returned two Driver Ed courses before finding DriveSafeRideSafe’s curriculum. This course makes it easy for a parent to teach and keeps the teen interested. Mike’s stories and insights are practical and compelling. My son even liked the course and the enrichment activities because “it was not boring”. As parents we liked that we were teaching him how to become a safe driver.

  3. Karen Matheny

    Karen Matheny – Muldrow, Oklahoma

    My daughter and I have enjoyed learning through your program. It is an excellent course. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to prepare our teen for a life of safe driving. We really appreciate all that your course has taught Alana (and her parents, too!). Thank you for all your help!

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