Crash Investigator gives tips to use when Skidding on Snow. Homeschool Help for Your Teen Driver.

Veteran Crash Investigator, Mike Pehl, wants young drivers to know it’s not easy for anybody to drive in bad weather, let alone a new driver.

Snow and ice will reduce the amount of traction your tires have, change the time you have to respond to hazards, and make your vehicle harder to control.  

Check out this video link where Mike talks to us about what it’s like to skid on snow and how you can take precautions to make sure you are safe on the road this winter. 



Mike emphasizes  that you need to keep your eyes on your target – as you are skidding you need to lock your eyes on where you want to go and keep looking at that spot because that is the most helpful tip that people can actually remember and do at the moment – somehow your muscles and your car will respond to get you re-aligned, assuming you don’t overcorrect.

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