Triple AAA “How to Drive” Beginner’s Manual


Triple AAA “How to Drive” Book will give you  more information & illustrations than your state’s official driver’s manual.  This 400 page illustrated book includes much more background information about driving safety than the driver’s ed manuals for most states. Written in clear, concise language for beginning drivers, this book emphasizes the information and processes needed to maneuver safely and communicate effectively with other drivers on the road.


Chapters in “How to Drive” are listed below:

  • Managing Risk When Driving
  • Getting Acquainted with the Vehicle You Will Drive
  • Understanding Vehicle Space Needs, Natural Laws and Balance
  • Starting, Steering and Stopping the Vehicle
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • Traffic Laws
  • Managing Risk: Vision and Perception
  • Managing Risk: Time and Space
  • Basic Maneuvers in a Low-Risk Environment
  • Manual Shift Vehicles
  • Sharing the Road with Other Users
  • The Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs on Driving
  • The Effects of Distractions, Drowsiness and Emotions on Driving
  • Adverse Driving Conditions and Emergencies
  • Purchasing and Insuring a Vehicle
  • Consumer’s Guide to Economical and Trouble-Free Driving
  • Travel Planning, Loading, Towing and Driving Special Vehicles

Click for printable version of chapter list.


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