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The Seven Most Common Lane Change Crashes

The Seven Most Common Lane Change Crashes

Below is a list of  the Seven Most Common Lane Change Scenarios that account for 88% of all lane change crashes. Typical Lane Change –Two vehicles on parallel paths; one intentionally changes lanes and collides with other vehicle Turning at a Junction –Two vehicles on parallel paths; one turns across the path of the other

A Tip From Mike

VETERAN CRASH INVESTIGATOR AND DRIVER SAFETY EXPERT MIKE PEHL SAYS- When I start teaching a new group of student drivers, I talk with them about the different kinds of information they are going to be learning. Some of its “facts and figures” that they need to know to pass the permit exam. Some of its

Carbon Monoxide – the silent killer

Most adults know that carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas emitted by cars. But the risks are more complex than many realize. DriveSafeRideSafe produced this short video with the help of the Lavers family, who lost their son Tyler from carbon monoxide poisoning while he was working on the stereo in his car. After that tragic

Ask Mike: Where Do Most Traffic Crashes Occur?

. More than half of our nation’s traffic deaths occur on rural roads, even though only 1/4th of us live in rural areas. Your best protection when driving on country roads include: -Slowing Down – Watching for Critters – Watching for slow-moving vehicles- not just on the road but on the side of the road.

What to Bring on your Spring Break Road Trip

{This post contains affiliate links} With Spring Break fast approaching and airline prices rising, a lot of families will choose to save some money by driving to their destination of choice. While road trips do save you a fair amount of money, driving in the car for 10-20 hours with the whole family can be